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[Age of Mouldwarp]   

The Historic Age

Political Blunders Start Here
The ancient Sumerians and citizens of Atlantis establish an accord granting each non-interference rights.  If one is to fall into the sea, the other is not to inform the greater world of it; likewise if one fails to leave proper identification for history, the other is not to help in any way to alleviate this anonymity.  As chance would have it, both things occur.  (2/26/03)

A Very Old and Tired Joke When It Was Young, and Still Not Funny
A pair of Ancient Egyptians are marking out where their great civilization will live.  One says, "Here, here is where we will build our dynasties."  The other says, "No, that's just a tad too far."  The first tries to insist he isn't.  "It's a perfect spot.  We will flourish here."  The other says, "I'm afraid you're in denial."  (5/06/03)   

Class Warfare Goes to Troy
Did you really think they fought over a girl named Helen?  No, it was really the intellectual Greeks versus the Olympus set.  Homer gave us a metaphor, and the rest is history.  (9/3/03)

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