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Here's some breaking news: Keith Hamilton Cobb will not be returning on a full-time basis next season.  He's moving on, for what he feels is best, for himself and for the character Tyr Anasazi, but is obligated to appear in four episodes.  It's not official yet, but Cobb himself has admitted to it at his his web site's message board.  Read it for yourself here.  ~2/16/03

Ten Favorites

1. "Immaculate Perception" (season 2)
2. "Under the Night" (season 1)
3. "Una Silus Victus" (season 2)
4. "Ouroboros" (season two)
5. "The Pearls That Were His Eyes" (season 1)
6. "The Widening Gyre" (season 2)
7. "Pitiless as the Sun" (season 2)
8. "The Lone and Level Sands" (season 3)
9. "Bunker Hill" (season 2)
10. "Harper 2.0" (season 1)

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

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