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[Age of Mouldwarp]

Copernicus Episodes
Ep. 01 "Eyes of Fire"

Ep. 02 "Cool Heads" (Cool Heads, Part I)

Ep. 03 "No Turning Back" (Cool Heads, Part II)

Ep. 04 "The Cost Builds Steeper" (Cool Heads, Part III)

Ep. 05 "Own the Day" (Cool Heads, Part IV)

Ep. 06 "Fool's Errand" (Silent Running, Part I)

Ep. 07 "Joining You Today" (Silent Running, Part II)

Ep. 08 "Can't Stop the Blues" (Silent Running, Part III)

Ep. 09 "Benjamin's Lament"

Ep. 10 "The Remarkable Likeness of Beings" (Cadavers, Part I)

Ep. 11 "Blood for the Leech's Sake" (Cadavers, Part II)

Ep. 12 "Colors Perverted and Tokens Diverted" (Cadavers, Part III)

Ep. 13 "Basement Instincts" (Cadavers, Part IV)

Ep. 14 "Citizen Parkes" (Cadavers, Part V)

Ep. 15 "Night Falls" (Cadavers, Part VI)

Ep. 16 "Voyage From Haley Minor" (Cadavers, Part VII)

Ep. 17 "Rush"

Ep. 18 "Poseurs in Cold Evening"

the characters herein are © copyrighted 2001-2003 by Sean "Waterloo" McKenna with a few copyrighted and the entire set-up by Paramount and the official Star Trek creators