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[Age of Mouldwarp]

Copernicus Timeline
2350-2354: Logan makes frequent visits to Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, where he guest-lectured in Robin Matheson’s exobiology classes

2359-2364: Gerald Logan commands a five-year mission of the Miranda-class U.S.S. Doge

2364: Promoted to the admiralty, Logan is assigned to Epsilon Station (or ES1), located on the Klingon/Federation border near Epsilon Hydrae; "Encounter at Farpoint," Picard takes command of the Enterprise-D

2366-2367: Matheson commands the Nebula-class Obelisk, which is lost in 2367 during a skirmish with a Cardassian warship; "Best of Both Worlds, Part II," Riker leads the effort to rescue Picard from the Borg and end a potentially deadly confrontation with them

2367-2370: Matheson serves at ES1, where she and Logan bond

2370: Matheson obtains command of the Soyuz-class Copernicus, commissioned as a research and diplomatic starship, and the command team of Sokor, Zimmer, and Hounsou are already in place; "Emissary," Sisko is given the Deep Space Nine assignment, which entails preparing Occupation-ravaged Bajor for Federation membership, one year earlier

2372: Crewman Douglas Velar is assigned to the Copernicus; Harmon Franzoni, then a lieutenant commander serving aboard the Akira-class Pavilion, mediates a dispute with the Tzenkethi while on an away mission to Tolos V; during the Klingon/Cardassian conflict, the Copernicus’s first commander, Lewis Rivera, is given command of the Saber-class Salient, which he takes command of officially the next year; Matheson, impressed by Franzoni’s accomplishment on Tolos V, convinces Logan to promote him to commander and assign him to the Copernicus

2373: The Cardassians’ membership in the Dominion results in a severe sweeping away of all the remnants of the Maquis; Joel Nelson, a friend of Chakotay and B’Elanna Torres, is believed lost, but is secretly whisked away by Starfleet, from whom he has been granted a conditional pardon, and with which he resumes his career
2374: The Dominion War begins, "A Call to Arms"; Eyes of Fire- Matheson’s mission to Haley Minor ends in disaster; her original chief of security, the Andorian Strynn, requests a new assignment based on his strenuous disagreement with his captain’s actions; Keb is promoted to chief of security; Nelson is assigned to the Copernicus

2375: The Dominion War ends, "What You Leave Behind"; Wynton Keynes and Gird are both serving aboard a Nyberrite transport ship

2376: A new batch of officers arrives for Matheson, including Sokor’s pupil Ethan Chenoweth, Laurie Nicholson, and Crewman Gird

2377: Captain Janeway’s wayward crew finally reaches home, "Endgame"

2378: events of "Star Trek Nemesis" occur, with the following events shortly thereafter, near the end of the year; Cool Heads, Silent Running, Benjamin's Lament, and Cadavers all take place

2379: events of Rush, Poseurs in Cold Evening

the characters herein are © copyrighted 2001-2003 by Sean "Waterloo" McKenna with a few copyrighted and the entire set-up by Paramount and the official Star Trek creators