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[Age of Mouldwarp]    
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Other Races
Besides the Quadians, there are a number of races that will play a major role in the continuing adventures of Prod Oasis.  These include:


One of the races the Tikanni came across in their initial foray into space via the Pasear Drive.  The Hesslans originate from the planet designated Inwrought by the common dialect since it was ravaged by millennia of civil wars that tore the Hesslans apart and produced a wholly aggressive people.  When the Tikanni came, the Hesslans were given access to starships and the offworld in general, resulting several centuries later in a nomadic race splintered into a number of different clans, including the four major ones:

frequently hired as mercenaries




The reverse of the Omoxians pigment-wise, Hesslans are obsidian-shaded and prefer to live as mercenaries for hire.  While the changes the Tikanni brought about within Hesslan society may seem an even worse egress into barbarity, they have also helped to influence a better understanding of the universe in some.  

Bith'Mari (forthcoming)

Thesians (forthcoming)


Czolqora (forthcoming)

Cadmir (forthcoming)





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