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[Age of Mouldwarp]    

61,000 Years Ago, the Primordials inhabit an empty sandbox.  They are alone in their exploration of space, and they take full advantage of this; its secrets become theirs.  Prior to them, the universe had lived in harmony, with the Ancient Ones preferring to remain where they originated.  What the Primordials’ fate was is one of the great mysteries of the void.  They discover the Pasear Field and create the mythic Andiron Ewer.

26,000 YA, the race later to be known as the Hybrids emerges in the Hoise System.

17,000 YA, the Nroh‘Gamor Consortium forms among the third generation vodrantine civilizations.

12,000 YA, the Hybrids depart known space, not to be heard from again for as many millennia.

7,000 YA, the Omoxians enter their Industrial Age and the Nroh’Gamor Consortium is at its peak.  The time-frozen planet Stringfellow is established in the Hoise System and quickly becomes a favorite gathering spot.

5,000 YA, the Nroh’Gamor Consortium is dispersed by force, and as legend has it at the hands of the Primordials.  Its members fade into vodrantine obscurity.

4,000 YA, the Omoxians tame their native Beyol System, establishing what is to be called their Emirate.

3,000 YA, the Tikanni unify as a people on the planet Quiruc, developing their version of the Pasear Drive and commencing exploration of space, thus officially ushering in the fourth vodrantine age.

2,000 YA, the Tikanni overrun the Omoxian Emirate in the Beyol System, imposing their own Imperial rule as the Vitell and Vanadi are both thriving as the dual heirs of the Hoise System.

1,450 YA, the Omoxi and Tikanni gradually learn to coexist in the galaxy.

1,200 YA, Trey the Conqueror of the Omoxi unites the Quadian races of his people, the Tikanni, the Vanadi, and Vitell.  Events of Prod Oasis: Enigma of the Dawn unfurl.

selected further events

1,163 YA, the Vanadi rebels Trey and the Quadian Five had thought to have signed a truce with incur the first major struggle of the Coalition.

600 YA, the Interstellar Commerce Co-op, a trading collective made up of the Thesians, Czolqora, and Espans, agrees on a mutual benefit pact with the Coalition, though the Espans would soon join the Coalition itself and become an integral part of it.

2043: Lunar colony New Anchorage is founded by the Deliverance Expedition even as André Kesal prepares to test his prototype shuttle.  Concerns are brought that lifting off from Earth may not be safe, so he and his ship are relocated to the expanded Alpha space station in orbit.  A year later, the flight is taken, and he disappears, never to be seen again.

2045: The year following the Great Hope, the E.T. Calamity produces global terror when humanity’s first contact with aliens comes in the form of the Danab.  Alpha is destroyed and the first human war against another species begins.

2074: Human separatist Sigmond Alexander leads a revolt against the Coalition on the moon, with followers making so far as the Omoxi capital of Shebal.  The resistance falls apart within months, but his name continues to live on among human dissidents.

2158: Admiral Josiah proposes a peace accord with the Danab, with whom hostilities have continued for the Coalition.  He dies before his efforts can horribly backfire, sending the idea decades into the future, though the ensuing years would produce one legend into the stars: Lance Nolan, who stood between the worlds of the Danab and the Coalition and lived to tell about it.

2215: The culmination of the Primordials’ engineering comes to fruition.  Construction of the Correverges, vast network-like outposts linking each of the confreres’ star systems, begins.

2298: At a time when galactic unity is verging on the nil, the Vodrantine Thalassic is formed, replacing the void left by the loss of the NAER fleet.  Humans have only a cursory roll in this ideological offspring of the Trade Commerce Co-op, though its interests are more diversified.

2468: Goran Herodotus establishes Gaberton, a new interstellar capital city, in Vanadi space, naming it after one of the great historical promoters of peace.

 © copyright 2001-2003 Sean "Waterloo" McKenna