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[Age of Mouldwarp]    

(Prod Oasis Mirages)
Enigma of the Dawn
The Gabion (Weaver Part I)
Completed 11/17/01 - 3602 words - This is the first of a three-part introduction.  If you're thoroughly confused with what you read here, rest assured it'll become more clear soon enough.  Credit goes to my editor Marcus for noticing a potentially weak spot in the narrative as well as a rather amusing malaprop that if you're interested to learn about, contact me this way.

Quagmire (Weaver Part II)
Completed 2/1/02 - 3828 words - This is where the story really kicks off for the Quadian Five, although it features a good standalone undertone as well.  Hopefully things are more clear and I've introduced some more interesting concepts.  Working with Marcus was a little more fluid this time around, as he felt comfortable with the reality before he even read the first words of the story, perhaps good and perhaps bad.  You be the judge...

Claque (Weaver Part III)
Completed 3/8/02 - 5001 words - Certainly the most fun I've had writing Prod Oasis so far, its a bit of a departure from the previous installments in that the characters split up for the first real time.  As any concluding chapter should do, 'Claque' wraps up the important threads of its predecessors, and sets up (or continues to) what is to come.  Marcus had issues with my idea of "pan galactic pulsars," but I elected to keep the references in rather than modify them as he suggested (y'know, so it would make sense), partially because they may play a role later on in the unfolding saga. All I can say is that its a trip...

Coronary Fugue
Completed 5/13/02 - 2249 words - An interlude chapter before the fall kicks off the "Spindles" cycle, this installment did not find its way to editor-at-large Marcus because it is less a story than a warped version of a history lesson, and a fairly short one.  I'm really just having fun this time, dropping hints at what is to come and playing off of what has already passed.  Hope you don't mind...And if you notice the title, yes I am going to be emplying slightly longer ones than I have been up until now in the future. :)

A Momentary Solace (Spindles Part I)       
Posted 10/4/02 - 3839 words - The first phase of the adventures reach their climax, or begin to, in the first of the installments focusing on individual members of the Five.  This first installment, appropriately enough, features Trey.  (Incidently, the second story to be posted without first having had the benefit of input from Marcus, though this time I'm willing to go back and edit what I've posted when he finally returns with some comments for me.)

Segue Your Way (Spindles Part II)
Posted 3/30/03 - 2900 words - The second phase, and the bloody conference which the past five chapters have been blabbering about finally takes place.  It's Haxed's show this time, and it took so long to right because, frankly, I was intimidated.  I didn't want to outright spell the whole Mollwan conference out; anyone expecting that, after all the hype, can be disappointed all they want, and the speech transcript style I wanted to employ to convey it quickly became something I wasn't interested in pursuing the whole way.  The rest of the story is a hodge podge of Haxed, and finding what exactly to say about our friendly Vanadi blabbermouth was the other reason it took so long to write the chapter.  It's the shortest regular chapter yet, but in a strange way I feel as if I wrote "more" in it than in any previous one.  Strange.  Well, judge for yourself.   

Rapiers Called Down (Spindles Part III) coming soon

Between Legos and Tyconia (Spindles Part IV) coming soon

A Fateful Wandering (Spindles Part V) coming soon

Coronary Fugue Reprise coming soon

Quixotic (Tally Part I) coming soon

Maenad (Tally Part II) coming soon

The Grand Saccade (Tally Part III) coming soon

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the fiction herein is © copyrighted 2001-2003 by Sean "Waterloo" McKenna