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[Age of Mouldwarp]    
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Vanadi Commonwealth
The most culturally diverse of the Quadians, the Vanadi pride themselves in having a free society that breeds all manners of characters that results in their having the least-liked, though potentially most poilitically powerful, people.  They came upon the Pasear Drive last and are are possibly offshoots of one of the other races, but their deserving of a place within the Quadian is unchallenged.

It is hard to pin down what exactly the Vanadi are like as a people because the range is so big, but if one thing is clear it is that they excel in everything they do.  They are reddish colored and carry themselves as if they are the superiors wherever they end up.  On the flipside of the Vitell, with whom they share the Hoise System, they are furry and move about deliberately, dressing in elegant, flowing attire.

Gaberdine, Haxed, Myrmidon...These are all good examples of Vanadi diversity.  As an integral part of the first story arc, they will become instantly understandable as a whole, even if the slices of their society are limited to here-and-there bits.  The overall portrait, however, will make sense enough.

Omoxian Emirate | Tikanni Empire | Vitell Regime | Other Races

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