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[Age of Mouldwarp]    
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Vitell Regime
Who among the Quadians will deny that the Vitell are an amiable people?  They share what they have and freely associate with other species without making presumptions.  If their's is a regime, then it is a friendly one, called so only because it has withstood for centuries.  Curious among interstellar societies, the Vitell possess no tangible form of government, instead relying on what can be considered as the first true democracy.  

In appearance they are taller than the average species, but in ratio no different than a typical human.  They have gills instead of noses, a by-product as an amphidious lifestyle, and scales to match.  They are golden and move gracefully about, their leering eyes focused intensely ahead.  Their garb, adopted to sway opinion away from rude thoughts, consist of rubbery blue, armor-like coverings that look as awkward as they feel.

Umecit may or may not be the best way to explore the Vitell.  He's a warrior at heart, but a friendly one, as the stories will attest.  That alone is testement to his culture's amiability, when even the military leg is loved.  Some people can have it all...

Omoxian Emirate  | Tikanni Empire  | Vanadi Commonwealth | Other Races

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