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[Age of Mouldwarp]    
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Omoxian Emirate
The so-called enlightened children, the Omoxians (pronounced Ah-mo-xian) are the snobs of the galaxy.  They think they know everything, and it pains them that the Tikanni beat them to the development of the Pasear Drive.  Their goal seems to imprint their own way of life onto every other culture they meet, but they are just now reaching beyond their own Beyol System, which they have saturated with their own design.

The striking thing about Omoxians is that they glow, though only slightly.  They have a pale appearance that would look sickly if not for their strong frames, which include hooked claws jutting from their wrists.  They usually adorn themselves in robes of orange hues with hoods that obscure their faces, but the glimmer of their eyes stands out from the shadows that conceal even their natural glow.  They move about ploddingly and at times more stealthly than you would think possible.  When they catch you in their gaze, you are paralyzed.

To be fair, the Tikanni hampered the Omoxians in tentative swipes into the galaxy, but the Omoxian Guard drove them back.  The Emirate capital of Shibal is also a center of culture, but offworlders view more as a center of indoctrination.  Centuries of development have led to an unquestioned following of the Emirate regardless of who's in charge or what the policies are that result.

Trey the Conquerer, despite his name, is regarded even beyond the Emirate lines as the wisest ruler the Omoxians have ever had.  Among the Quadians he is of most emminence, and he leads the exploration of the stars with controlled abandon.

Tikanni Empire | Vitell Regime | Vanadi Commonwealth | Other Races

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