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[Age of Mouldwarp]    
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Tikanni Empire
A race of cavaliering adventurers, the Tikanni, or Quiruc as they are also known from the homeworld of the same name, have forged a vast network of power in their own right, centered in the Hr'oh System.  They developed the Pasear Drive first, well before the other Quadian races, and travelled the stars at their own will.

They are a proud, infinitely noble people, human in appearance though possessing crown-like bone structures encircling the tops of their heads.  They are gray-ish skinned, but remarkable physical specimens.  They are athlethic and competitive by nature.  They shave their hair and their beards ritually so as to ensure least resistence, and the curved nature of their cranial bones aid this, dressing in sheer fashion.

The Tikanni have a type of democratic tyranny, in that their leaders are not elected but they nonetheless must listen the the people's voices when drawing any social plans.  Crime is not a problem among them save the usual-yet-relatively-small lot of scoundrels that like to create havoc.  Law enforcers are known as Sovereigns, but they come from all walks of life.They have an incredibly rich artistic tradition that is only sometimes used for propaganda.

Lord Phan is not only a prime representative of the Tikanni, but a man unto himself as well.  He is cunning, calculating, considered cold by most of his acquaintences, and anxious to see what becomes of the Quadians.  He is one to keep an eye out for.

Omoxian Emirate | Vitell Regime | Vanadi Commonwealth | Other Races

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