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and now for something, um, that's a bit different, as a reward(?)

The Frog Princes...
Seven dancing frogs came leaping around the corner-bend. One said to the other and all then down the line they sang, "I think I see a princess there, and a kiss may be my future bright. A noble prince was I long past, until a ghastly witch turned me green, to "ribbet" and suck flies all the live-long day." A mighty chorus it was that followed, and when the last had sung the first began again. But where the first had seen fair princess on the road, the last could plainly see a rubber factory. A new song he thus began and it went something quite like this: "Oh rubber trees and solemn ponds, I have never hopped so drearily. There is no princess there at all, but a cut-out sign for thee." And down the line the song did spread, 'til the first frog heard and said, "And where I see a princess fair did stand a rubber factory!"

And the frogs left the rubber factory a very good distance then, no more singing, no more lamenting of their fair, nonexistent maiden-friend. "I think I thought of long ago, when things were still magical, but now I see that time corrupts all things I allow it to. From now on and from this spot, I shall remember to carry tulips for such factories, to plant in honor of the days that will surely come again."

The frogs they tried to leap away, away in time to miss the tar, but the tar was flung with much control, and now they stuck to the rubber factory. They might have thought it was a trap, had not the first thought he saw yon maiden, but so he did and so they were, now trapped by sticky tar. A trebble here then sounded near, a note to listen to. It was not a frog who sang thus note, but a real maiden-fair. "Poor frogs of seven, leaping past, found smitten among tar. They thought they saw me when nought I was standing very near. But now I am and they are stuck, in sticky, icky tar. But what is tar to the workers at yon rubber factory? It is the price their tire must pay when it has not been made ver' well. And what does this do with what came 'fore? A sad twist to a story sad, that is what it all has been. And now I must save yon ribbets loud from tar and set them all to free."

And who did fling the tar that caught the frogs, that snared them so snugly fit? It was I, the real prince, who wanted fair maiden all for me. I own the factory and made the sign which confused them so cunningly. For seven leaping frogs is far too much, to risk against such a girl as she.

do you want to take this Frog Princes thing?  didn't think so, but just in case,
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