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[Age of Mouldwarp]

Exploring the Age
I intend to present all manners of writing here.  Some will be stories, of course, but there'll be short plays, essays, and experiments in fiction here as well.  I want to test limits here.  

currently featuring a smattering of odd recent material

Mouldwarp Moratory
moments in history (and pre-history) that've helped us get where we are; all entirely fictional, and if they happen to expose a certain absurdity in their own absurdity, it is entirely intentional


a snowball sentence:
I, at one, said, "write second slanted, gripping novelette,
absconding unsaturated, interrogated conversations.
(13 words)



American Postal   
a short play completed January 25, 2001

Leviathan's Lure
just a silly little fable I wrote on a whim spring 2002

all fiction herein is © copyrighted 2001-2003 by Sean "Waterloo" McKenna