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[Age of Mouldwarp]    

Prod Oasis

In a time when humans were still in the middle ages, aliens were conquering the stars.  Among them were four species that would start an intergalactic alliance of unprecedented power.  Together, they are known as the Quadian.  Whether that power was for good or evil, was far from certain in the beginning...

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UPDATE!  second entry of the new cycle is up!

----------------------------------------------------------THE SET-UP--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tikanni Empire

Omoxian Emirate

Vitell Regime

Vanadi Commonwealth

Other Races

The characters that comprise the cast include:

Trey the Conquerer (Omoxian) - The leader of the Quadian Five

Rejon (Omoxian) - pronounced "re-yawn" - Trey's aide

Umecit (Vitell) - pronounced "yoom-key" - The combat specialist

Haxed (Vanadi) - The voice for the Q5

Lord Phan (Tikanni) - He fancies himself a simple observer

In the context of the stories that follow, the four races have already formed the Quadian, an alliance of fledgling girth and no direction.  Trey's intention is to unite the races through a series of adventures meant to create a bond that would then lend itself to each participant's respective people.  Each tale is narrated by a Vanadi named Gaberdine...

all fiction herein is © copyrighted 2001-2003 by Sean "Waterloo" McKenna