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[Age of Mouldwarp]

About Waterloo
My pen name is Sean McKenna.  I am one for the spirit of adventure, but I also look for a deeper meaning to back it.  My purpose is to write things that will stay in your mind past the time it takes you to read them on the page.  I've been hard at work writing various stories for most of my life, and Prod Oasis, under any other name I have given it through the years, is a collection of tales set in outer space.  It is science fiction, but only because it has to be.  Might also make notice of my editor, Marcus, with whom I'll be working to make sure that the stuff going into Prod Oasis is as good as it can be.  I've had the pleasure of his acquaintance since junior high, but it's in college where the friendship took off.

The title of this site comes from an inventive little book by Peter Ackroyd, The Plato Papers.  Set in the London of a far-off time, Ackroyd's tome revolves around the theory that what we know as truth today is someone else's myth tomorrow, a convenient tool to use in interpreting their own reality.  The Age of Mouldwarp itself is the present era as seen through the eyes of a distant ancestor given the charge of relating history through public orations.  It doesn't matter if Plato's assertions are true or not, just that he gives them.  It is loosely based on the historical Plato's own dissertations, and is a rollicking good read.  I highly recommend that, if nothing else, you take from this site a yearning to read this book.

My intention, then, is to look at the world we know through different eyes, maybe not so much with Prod Oasis (then again, maybe so), but with things I will eventually add in the Exploring the Age section.  

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Everything is a work in progress.

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